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Press Release

Dubai, UAE: Leila Heller Gallery is pleased to announce American multimedia artist Clifford Ross’s solo show, titled ‘Hurricane Waves’, opening on 20th  November 2023.


Clifford Ross’s singular goal has been to create work that relates to the sublime in nature. Using both realistic and abstract means to achieve his goals, he often develops radically new approaches to existing media. This exhibition is a collection of dramatic photographs depicting the power of the ocean manifesting through its ever-changing forms during storms. These astonishing images are a testament to Ross's commitment to the expressive powers of realism as well as to the most advanced possibilities of technology.


Ross began his well-known Hurricane Waves in 1996, entering the surf during extreme weather, often up to his neck, while tethered to an assistant on land. The result was a series of stunningly dramatic black-and-white photographs that are among Ross's best-known works. His photographic techniques expanded over time, using digital methods, inkjet printing, and ultimately developing his unique method of printing on wood.


In 2002, Ross invented and patented his revolutionary R1 camera to photograph Mount Sopris in Colorado, which allowed him to produce some of the highest-resolution large-scale landscape photographs in the world – his Mountain series. More recently, he has developed new techniques for generating computer-based videos, including Harmonium Mountain I , with an original score by Philip Glass, and his Digital Waves .