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Salwa Zeidan, an extraordinary sculptor and painter, originally hailing from the enchanting Bekaa Valley of Lebanon but having lived the majority of her life in Abu Dhabi, UAE, has seamlessly woven her artistic brilliance into the fabric of the art world. With a deep-rooted passion for her craft, Salwa has carved a remarkable path for herself as a master of both sculptural and painterly expressions.  


Salwa's artistic prowess knows no bounds, as she skillfully navigates through a diverse range of mediums. Her creative repertoire spans across exquisite mixed media paintings, conceptual art pieces, captivating stone sculptures, and innovative monumental works with stainless steel and composite materials, Central to her artistic expression is the advocacy for unrestricted self-expression, driven by her relentless pursuit of profound truth, inner serenity, enlightenment, For over 35 years,  as a trailblazer of abstract minimalist art, Salwa seamlessly weaves the delicate art of calligraphy into her creations. Drawing inspiration from her remarkable ink drawings of 2004 featuring spiraling shapes, Salwa crafts sculptures that reverberate with the grace and elegance of these intricate patterns. The motif of the spiral holds a profound significance in Salwa's oeuvre, symbolizing the perpetual evolution of humanity, continuously swaying in an internal pendulum of progress and growth. This enigmatic theme permeates both her sculptures and paintings, breathing life into her artistic vision.  


Salwa's artistic genius has earned her widespread acclaim on the global stage, as her awe-inspiring paintings and sculptures grace esteemed galleries and prestigious private collections spanning continents. Her paintings and sculptures have found their rightful place in renowned art collections such as the the USA, Switzerland, and Italy , France. Notably, her captivating works have also been showcased in prominent art fairs and prestigious biennales around the world. From London to Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Iran to Kuwait, Egypt to Lebanon, Salwa's art has captivated audiences far and wide, leaving an indelible mark on the international art scene.  


Throughout her illustrious career, Salwa's artistic prowess has been acknowledged and honored with numerous prestigious awards from esteemed institutions and renowned events. She has received accolades from esteemed platforms such as the Florence Biennale, among many others. These coveted recognitions serve as a testament to Salwa's exceptional talent and unwavering dedication to her craft.