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Eduardo Pérez-Cabrero is a Spanish multidisciplinary artist who works between Barcelona (Spain), Miami (USA) and Ras Al Khaimah (UAE). Born in Barcelona in 1961, his talent presents itself as a continuation of the artistic and plastic creativity of a family saga. His maternal great-grandfather’s uncle, industrialist Josep Batlló, entrusted his friend Antoni Gaudí with construction of his family home, the renowned “Casa Batlló” on Paseo de Gracia, representative of Barcelona’s modernism at the beginning of the 19th century. His paternal great-grandfather, Maestro Pérez-Cabrero, was a composer and conductor at the Liceo Opera House, Barcelona’s crown jewel for music and opera, both then and today.


The Mediterranean art in which Eduardo is immersed is characterized by the fusion of sensuality with impressionism. In such an environment, impressions are incomparably more energetic. The sea is bluer; the wheat more golden; the sand more material and the sky brighter. Eduardo enjoys the pleasure of vision, from which he sources soul, hope and impressions; which are then transmitted to his vibrant and lucid pieces. He adorns these sculptures with Mediterranean colors par excellence: the white of Cadaqués, the yellow of sunflowers; the green of the pine trees on the Costa Brava; the blue of the sea in Formentera; the golden hue of the fields of Empordà. Eduardo is interested in fleeting impressions, the appearance of things, surfaces and the content of what he observes around him.


Eduardo has exhibited his work in art galleries all around the world and at exhibitions such as Art Madrid, Art Laren (The Netherlands), Castell de Benedormiens (Barcelona, Spain) and recently in the Dubai Art Festival. His work can be found in private collections in Spain, Andorra, France, Italy, Germany, United States, Mexico and Russia. His artwork also appears in Barcelona’s Hotel Majestic and at Hotel Four Seasons in Madrid, with twelve pieces of art on display, two in main lobby.